• Stromer ST5

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Superbolide among the S-Pedelecs.

A smooth handlebar without visible wiring, powerful Stromer brakes and a Sport mode that provides even more power at the touch of a button.

ST5: The superbolide among ebikes

Traction? Unbeatable, thanks to the powerful engine that offers a sport mode for adrenaline rushes in addition to the classic modes.

Dynamism and walking comfort? Idyllic, thanks to 27.5″ wheels, Pirelli’s high-performance tires and perfect frame geometry.

Design? Clean and of high class.

Sophisticated solutions? Of course it is! For example, the “keyless” feature, which refers to the keyless ejection of the battery by touch pressure. Or “seamless” technology, i. e. direct locking and unlocking by Bluetooth, without keys or PINs.

Do you feel like it’s right for you? That is the case.

Keyless, seamless – stressless

Our top ebike model is not only particularly powerful, but also extremely comfortable thanks to its optimized connectivity. The battery is ejected in keyless mode, i. e. without a key, simply with the touch screen. You don’t have to do anything else for the lockdown. It is operated in wireless mode and therefore effortlessly on the ST5: as soon as you step away from the bike with your smartphone, the electronic lock is activated via a Bluetooth connection. Unlocking is just as easy, of course.

A powerful engine with a sport mode

We have designed a new engine for the ST5: the SYNO Sport, with a maximum power of 850 watts, with a torque of 48 newtons meters. These are the top values in the S-Pedelecs class. Those who want even more assistance – for example, when climbing or starting – simply press the Sport mode. The engine will then briefly provide even more power.

Pirelli tires and 27.5″ wheels

But the ST5 also has other motorsport attributes: that’s how we developed its high-performance Cycl-e tires with Pirelli and adapted the frame geometry perfectly to the large wheels of 27.5″. The result: excellent travel safety thanks to good grip, incomparable dynamics and superlative walking comfort.

Integrated design with clear lines

We have taken integration to the extreme on the ST5. You can see almost no cables, and even the handlebars, the ST5’s electronically loaded control unit, have no protruding elements. All the other components are also very discreet. For example, the front and back lighting that blends into the silhouette. Or the tachometer and control element which form a compact touch screen perfectly embedded in the upper tube. The battery is of course integrated in the lower tube of the ST5, as on all our bicycles. We were also the first e-bike manufacturer to do so.

Assembled in Switzerland

The ST5 is manufactured at our Swiss headquarters in Oberwangen. There, where the vision of this purified power block and many of its components have been developed, in perfect harmony. This approach not only shortens delivery times, but also ensures that the ST5 is assembled with all the necessary skills, from complex wiring on the inside to a perfect finish from the outside, with virtually no visible cables.


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